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CRTPO’s Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) defines the policies, programs and projects to be implemented over the next twenty-five years in order to reduce congestion, improve safety, support land use plans, and provide mobility choices in the CRTPO planning area. It also addresses the goals and objectives of the CRTPO, the various components of the transportation planning process, socio-economic and financial assumptions, establishes performance measures, and identifies transportation-related environmental and health issues.

As the federally designated regional transportation planning entity for all of Iredell and Mecklenburg Counties, and the western and central, urbanized portions of Union County, the CRTPO is responsible for the long range transportation planning efforts for the region. The CRTPO, in partnership with the federal, state, and local agencies, works collaboratively to address the transportation needs of the region. The MTP contains recommendations for the following types of surface transportation:

  • Streets and roads
  • Transit routes
  • Fixed guideways
  • Greenways
  • Bicycle facilities
  • Pedestrian facilities

The MTP also contains descriptions and assessments of conditions or factors affecting the surface transportation of persons and/or the movement of freight within CRTPO’s planning area.

View the 2045 MTP Development Schedule: 2045 MTP Development Schedule

View the 2045 MTP Roadway Ranking Methodology: 2045 MTP Roadway Ranking Methodology

CRTPO’s MTP must be compliant with the Metropolitan Transportation Planning regulations issued by the United States Department of Transportation (Federal Highway Administration and Federal Transit Administration) governing the development of transportation plans and programs for Urbanized Areas. The MTP was prepared in accordance with federal statute (23 CFR Part 450), which requires the development and update of transportation plans every four years in air quality maintenance and non-attainment areas (as designated by the National Ambient Air Quality Standards – NAAQS).

On February 15, 2017, CRTPO adopted the following Goals for the 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP).

  1. Provide, manage and maintain a safe, efficient and sustainable transportation system for all modes, intended to serve all segments of the population. 
  2. Encourage walking, bicycling and transit options, integrated with motor vehicle transportation, by providing a transportation system that serves the public with mobility choices. 
  3. Provide a sustainable transportation system that improves the quality of life for residents, promotes healthy living and is sensitive to significant features of the natural and human environments. 
  4. Promote equitable transportation options for low income and minority neighborhoods, as well as the aging population. 
  5. Encourage regional collaboration and linkages between transportation and land use planning. 
  6. Support economic competitiveness by making investment decisions for transportation modes that make the most efficient use of limited public resources and enhance system performance, as well as by pursuing sustainable funding possibilities. 
  7. Maximize transportation opportunities for the movement of goods. 

To view the full document containing the Goals & Objectives for CRTPO's 2045 MTP, click here.