2045 MTP Public Comment Period

A public comment period was held on the recommended fiscally constrained project list for the 2045 MTP. A total of 257 comments were received through e-mails and from the online interactive map regarding projects proposed for inclusion in the 2045 MTP’s fiscally constrained project list.

A summary of public comments and staff responses can be viewed here.

2045 MTP Fiscally Constrained Projects:

Horizon Year 2025 (Existing and Committed) (PDF)

Horizon Year 2035 (PDF)

Horizon Year 2045 (PDF)

Iredell County Map (PDF)

Mecklenburg County Map (PDF)

Union County Map (PDF)

Process to Develop the Fiscally Constrained Project List for the 2045 MTP

Based on the approved ranking methodology and revenue assumptions, all candidate projects were scored and cost estimates were produced. A draft fiscally-constrained project list was developed with the assistance of the Roadway Ranking Review Committee by prioritizing projects based upon their two-tiered MTP score and cost estimates relative to the amount of funding available within each STI tier. The list covers the MTP’s three horizon years: 2025; 2035; 2045.

The 2025 horizon year consists primarily of projects fully or partially funded in the draft 2018-2027 Transportation Improvement Program. The 2035 and 2045 horizon years are programmed based on how well projects score using CRTPO’s Roadway Ranking Methodology.

Financial Assumptions and Fiscal Constraint 

An important component of the project list’s preparation is that Federal regulations require that MTPs be financially constrained. This means that it must be demonstrated that the proposed investments are reasonable in the context of anticipated future revenues over the life of the plan.

Financial Assumptions (PDF)

Candidate Projects

A total of 280 candidate roadway projects were submitted for 2045 MTP consideration. The links below contain information about the process to evaluate projects as well as the status of each project based on the results of the ranking process.

Candidate Roadway Projects:

Roadway Ranking Methodology (PDF)

2045 MTP Candidate Roadway Projects Map (PDF)

Candidate Roadway Projects - Division 10 (Mecklenburg & Union Counties) (PDF)

Candidate Roadway Projects - Division 12 (Iredell County) (PDF)

Candidate Roadway Projects - Region E (Mecklenburg & Union Counties) (PDF)

Candidate Roadway Projects - Region F (Iredell County) (PDF)

Candidate Roadway Projects - Statewide (PDF)