The 2045 MTP will include a variety of projects of all travel modes; however, a significant focus of our efforts will be on developing a financially constrained highway/street project list.


The project lists below show all projects that have undergone initial Tier I review. Those that are highlighted in green will advance to Tier II for further evaluation and consideration to be included in the 2045 MTP.

Candidate Projects - Tier 1 Scoring:

Presentation: 2045 MTP Roadway Project Prioritization Process (PDF)

2045 MTP Candidate Roadway Projects Map (PDF)

Candidate Roadway Projects - Division 10 (Mecklenburg & Union Counties) (PDF)

Candidate Roadway Projects - Division 12 (Iredell County) (PDF)

Candidate Roadway Projects - Region E (Mecklenburg & Union Counties) (PDF)

Candidate Roadway Projects - Region F (Iredell County) (PDF)

Candidate Roadway Projects - Statewide (PDF)


The process to develop a list of highway/street projects to be included in the CRTPO’s 2045 MTP began in February 2017 when a call for candidate roadway projects was issued. The process will continue with a detailed project ranking effort throughout the spring and summer of 2017, and will culminate with the CRTPO’s policy board approving a ranked project list in September or October. This page will be continuously updated throughout the ranking process.

An important component of the project list’s preparation is that Federal regulations require that MTPs be financially constrained. This means that it must be demonstrated that the proposed investments are reasonable in the context of anticipated future revenues over the life of the plan.